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Mark Skipper | Cheltenham Rare Books

Mark Skipper has been dealing in rare fiction and illustrated books for nigh on 30 years now, following a degree in English at Oxford University.  In his own words "Looking back, I now realise that whatever I was doing to bring in money took a back seat to hunting for and selling books. For me, it has always been rare literature (ancient and modern) or illustrated books.  Creating our bookshop in Cheltenham is the most satisfying thing I have ever done."


Mark Skipper Books morphed into Cheltenham Rare Books when the business settled into the current premises in Imperial Square, Cheltenham in 2016. 



Jacqueline Skipper | Cheltenham Rare BooksJacqueline Skipper joined the business in 2017, following a career that included Head of Product Development for a big data digital product at British Gas and Project Director for Strategic Global Projects at CEVA Logistics. It was fun at times, super challenging a lot of the time and ultimately she began to enjoy playing at politics too much for her peace of mind. She's enjoying the challenge of learning more about digital marketing. She's responsible for the digital strategy and implementation... taking photographs and data management.