The Art of the Book

Leslie Gerry Editions
Travel may be on hold at times during the Age of COVID but we're delighted to offer a luxurious alternative with a range of sumptuous fine press books from Leslie Gerry Editions. Leslie Gerry Editions is a private press based in the Cotswolds....
Nomad Letterpress
Nomad Letterpress has a distinguished lineage, having been founded by Pat Randle, the son of John Randle of the Whittington Press. As part of a new generation of private press professionals, Pat Randle has a fresh interpretation of what being the owner of a...
Irish Poets and the Irish Presses
This article starts with the Dun Emer Press, founded in 1902 and the Cuala Press (1908), also founded by Elizabeth Yeats with support from her brother, W B Yeats. It provides a summary of some of the major private presses and small presses created largely to support Irish poets, authors and playwrights through the twentieth century.
The Inky Parrot Press
The origins of the Inky Parrot Press lie in the first half of the 1950s when Dennis Hall studied at Chelsea College of Art, followed by the Royal College of Art. He was taught by the painter and illustrator, Edward...
Series Introduction
The foremost private presses pay meticulous attention to the paper, the typography and the binding, producing special edition books in limited numbers. Each press has a different focus. This series is for anyone who loves, not just the content of books, but the embodiment of content into a work of art by men and women at the height of their craft.