Old Stile Press was started by Frances and Nicolas McDowall in 1979. Well known internationally for the quality of their books. Books are designed and printed by Nicholas McDowall, working collaboratively with the artists. All the printing is letterpress and leaf printing, and using wood blocks, wood engravings and lino blocks.

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      The Old Stile Press is a well-known private press and publishing house that specializes in creating limited-edition, finely crafted books. Founded by British printer and publisher Nicolas McDowall in the early 1980s, the Old Stile Press is highly regarded - to find out why scroll down to our article at the bottom of this page.

      What’s Special About The Old Stile Press

    • Fine Craftsmanship: The Old Stile Press is renowned for its commitment to fine craftsmanship in bookmaking. Each book is carefully designed and produced with meticulous attention to detail. The press often employs traditional printing methods, such as letterpress printing and wood engraving, to create exquisite and visually striking editions.
    • Artistic Collaboration: One of the distinguishing features of the Old Stile Press is its collaborations with contemporary artists, writers, and poets. Many acclaimed artists have worked with the press to create original illustrations and artwork for their books. These collaborations result in beautifully illustrated and visually stunning publications that integrate text and art seamlessly.
    • Limited Editions: Like many private presses, the Old Stile Press specializes in producing limited editions of its books. This limited availability adds to the exclusivity and desirability of their publications among collectors and connoisseurs of fine press books.
    • Diverse Subject Matter: The Old Stile Press covers a wide range of subject matter in its publications, including literature, poetry, art, and more. The diversity of topics allows the press to engage with various themes and genres, making their catalog appealing to a broad audience.
    • Experimentation and Innovation: While rooted in traditional printing techniques, the Old Stile Press also embraces innovation and experimentation in book design and production. This blend of tradition and innovation results in unique and visually captivating books.
    • Awards and Recognition: The press has received numerous awards and accolades for its work, including recognition from organizations such as the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and the British Printing Society.
    • Preservation of Craftsmanship: The Old Stile Press, like other private presses, plays a vital role in preserving traditional printing and bookbinding techniques that might otherwise be lost to the digital age. It upholds the values of fine printing and the tactile experience of reading a beautifully crafted book.
    • In summary, the Old Stile Press is special for its unwavering dedication to the art of fine printing, its collaborations with esteemed artists and writers, and its ability to create limited-edition books that are not only literary works but also artistic objects. It stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of the finely crafted book in a world increasingly dominated by digital media.