If you've seen our 'About Us' page you'll know that Cheltenham Rare Books is owned and run by Mark and Jacqueline Skipper.  We both live our lives as sustainably as we can manage. For example, working out the most environmentally friendly method of heating our timber framed house - unfortunately air and ground heat pumps won't do it so we're pursuing solar and biomass.

Here's a summary of what we're doing in our business:

Longevity:  Collecting rare books is the antithesis of a 'throw away' culture, and this is underpinned by Mark's passion for ensuring the longevity of the books we sell by carefully covering them in protective wrappers.

Recyclable Packing Material: We switched at the end of 2019 to using paper instead of cellophane for the first step of packing books for despatch (see our book packing approach here for more information).  We also use recyclable paper based tape instead of the more usual brown polypropylene tape.  The corrugated cardboard wrapped in brown paper we use is fully recyclable. 

We're still working on an alternative to bubble wrap, which is recyclable at specialist recycling centres but we'd rather use something that doesn't take the resources required for bubble wrap and is simple to recycle.  None of the alternative materials we've looked at so far have the same protective quality as bubble wrap and we need to ensure the books arrive in as good a condition as they left us.  We're continuing to work on this one...

Commuting: Given that 22% of the UK's CO2 emissions are from cars we're both aware of minimizing our car journeys and in fact they've reduced by about 90% since Jacqueline joined the business and stopped working in London.

There's more to do... but the journey's well under way.