Gift Wrapping2

One of our books would make a fabulous gift... take a look at what our customers say to see what they think. A rare book makes a perfect Paper Wedding Anniversary Gift or gifts for book lovers

Gift Wrapping... If you're buying a book as a gift then our gift wrap service will add the finishing touches. Just select the gift-wrap option at checkout and add a note as to whether you prefer plain brown, red or blue patterned paper.

Cards... We also have a range of cards to select from - and we'll add your message to the recipient in beautiful italics.

Gift Ideas... To help with ideas we've included a small selection here of some of the books we'd love to receive.

Gift Cards... If you can't decide then why not send a gift card and let them choose for themselves.

Year of Publication... You can also see when books were published to see which ones coincide with a notable year or birth date. The Publication Year filter is available on all our collections.

We've put together a selection of books we think would make great gifts to give you some ideas here.