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      Books about Art and Artists: Our collection of art books features a number of first editions and signed copies in a broad variety of topics. The collection houses books on a wide spectrum of artistic eras and modes, featuring works on engraving, portraiture, and landscapes.There are books showcasing the works of particular artists, as well as more critically inclined books about art history and theory.

      Book Gifts for Artists and Art Lovers : Discover the perfect gifts for art lovers with a first edition book about an artist or art movement. Several of our books for artists are signed by the author and / or illustrator and make unique art gifts for adults.

      Books about Art History

      Depending on what we have in stock, the collection features high quality art related books on a number of historical periods, such as books which focus on particular eras of art and the influences which these had on artists throughout history. We feature works on movements such as impressionism, and art through the First World War. All the books which we stock are kept in good condition, in order to showcase some of the best art from throughout history, with subjects so diverse as to range from portraiture, to landscapes, to life drawing.

      In addition to this, we also feature a comprehensive selection of books about artists’ lives and their inspirations in their work. These include a number of biographies by renowned art historians and autobiographical works, which combine an artist’s best material with comprehensive information on their lives and influences. One such example of this in the collection would be works by Keith Shackleton, which showcase his work throughout his life, and provide a window into the world of landscape and nature painting.

      Visual Art Books

      The collection houses books on a variety of different art forms and visual mediums, and the high quality of each publication means that the art in the books is all preserved to a great standard for the optimal visual experience. Many of the books featured here are visually appealing works of art in themselves, all still in excellent condition, making them some of the best books about art to collect. We feature work by leading illustrators such as Paula Rego, using art in an abstract way to tell a story. As well as this, we feature work about UK and local artists, such as Cheltenham-born artist P J Crook, in a book which showcases some of the best artwork from throughout her career, collated by Martin Bailey.

      Some of the famous names which are featured in the books about artists in our collection include celebrated persons from a variety of different artistic periods, from LS Lowry to David Hockney, among our UK art books. In addition to this, we also collect from further afield; for example, books with feature work by world-famous artists such as a two volume book on the work of the famous and controversial surrealist Salvador Dali, and art which features landscapes from around the world.

      As well as rare books about famous artists, we also feature some of the best rare art books on lesser known artists and their work, and a variety of other art books to read to widen your horizons on the hugely diverse history of art and art theory. As part of the wide range of subjects which the collection features, there is also a focus on lesser known forms of art, such as patterned paper and wood engraving, meaning there is something for the interests of any collector.

      An especially noteworthy volume in the collection of art related books is published by local fine press, Whittington Press, based here in the Cotswolds. Nine Artists and a Press, by John Randle of Whittington Press, a signed limited edition copy, making use of the highest quality materials in its production and exhibiting work by the artists who work for the press. It outlines the history of the Whittington Press and the work of the artists without whom it would not run. This volume is a must-have for a collector with an interest in both the world of engraving and press, and the art that goes into bookmaking, showcasing local talent and making it one of the best art books to own about this subject.

      Altogether the collection houses an enticing selection of art books with an impressive range, featuring something to entice existing art enthusiasts, and those who are still learning alike.