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      About Morris Cox

      Morris Cox (1903-1998) was a British artist, printer, and publisher known for his contributions to the fine printing and private press movements in the 20th century. He founded the private press known as the "Gogmagog Press." in 1948. Cox's keen interest in folklore and mythology led to the name "Gogmagog", which was a reference to the Celtic legendary giant, said to have been defeated by Brutus who according to legends founded Britain.

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      What's Special About The Gogmagog Press

      The Gogmagog Press, founded by Morris Cox in 1948, is notable for several reasons that make it special in the world of fine printing and private presses:

      1. Fine Craftsmanship: The Gogmagog Press was known for its dedication to fine craftsmanship in bookmaking. Morris Cox and his collaborators took great care in the design, typography, and production of their books. They often used traditional printing methods, including hand setting type and hand printing, to create beautifully crafted editions.
      2. Artistic Collaboration: Cox frequently collaborated with artists and illustrators, including his wife, Diana Cox, and the renowned poet and artist David Jones. These collaborations resulted in visually stunning books that combined literature with original artwork.
      3. Limited Editions: The Gogmagog Press primarily produced limited editions of their books. These limited print runs added to the exclusivity and desirability of their publications among collectors and enthusiasts of fine printing.
      4. Subject Matter: Many of the books published by the Gogmagog Press explored themes related to folklore, mythology, and British cultural heritage. These topics resonated with those interested in preserving and celebrating the artistic and literary traditions of England and Wales.
      5. Aesthetic Appeal: The Gogmagog Press books were known for their aesthetic appeal. They often featured elegant typography, fine paper, and hand-bound covers, making them highly collectible items among bibliophiles.
      6. Contribution to Private Press Movement: The Gogmagog Press was a part of the broader private press movement, which aimed to emphasize the artistry and craftsmanship of book production. The press's commitment to these ideals contributed to the preservation of traditional printing methods and the promotion of high-quality book design.
      7. Influence and Legacy: While the Gogmagog Press may not have been as widely known as some other private presses, its work and ethos had a significant influence on the private press movement and the broader world of fine printing. The attention to detail and commitment to artistic collaboration were hallmarks of Cox's approach.

      Overall, the Gogmagog Press is special because it exemplified the principles of fine printing and contributed to the rich tradition of private presses in the 20th century. Its books are valued for their beauty, craftsmanship, and the merging of literary and artistic talents.