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      If you’re looking for 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas then what better present to give than a book. Traditionally the first wedding anniversary gift is paper - which, of course, all our books are made from. Although some are quarter bound or fully bound in leather (see third wedding anniversary below). With a book you can make it even more meaningful by giving a signed first or limited edition that means something, for example:

      • A book published the year of the wedding, or the year the couple met - it's simple to find.
      • A topic of particular interest - we've made it easy with our collection of books by interest;
      • A favourite author;
      • Or a specially created book, with luxurious handmade paper and a beautiful binding such as the ones in our private press collection

      What are the gifts for each anniversary year?

      The gifts for each anniversary year are intended to represent the marriage at each annual milestone, with the materials often having a symbolic meaning. Paper is intended to represent the fragility of early married life, as it is a particularly delicate material, which is why paper gifts are given on the very first wedding anniversary. In addition to this, the blank page is supposed to indicate that the couple are just beginning their story together, and that they have the chance to write their life stories going forward in their future together. However, paper is also timeless, and has been used over the years to eternalise thousands of cherished stories, so it is also a symbol of preservation and human communication. Gifts made of paper are intended to reflect this long tradition. For a first wedding anniversary gift, you want something that can be kept and cherished for a long time, and there are few things as enduring and personal as a rare edition of a favourite book.

      This is embodied by the selection of books that we have chosen for this collection, as all of them cover a wide variety of genres, ensuring that there are paper anniversary gifts to suit every spouse, no matter what their taste is.

      The collection of our first wedding anniversary gifts features a number of works of crime fiction and mystery from the dawn of the genre in the nineteenth century, to popular modern-day publications. We have a few titles by Anna Katherine Green, the American novelist and poet who was one of the first writers of detective fiction, and is often considered the ‘mother’ of the genre, for shaping many of the familiar tropes that we see in the genre to this day, and her work would make a lovely first anniversary gift for a wife. In addition to this, we also feature authors such as James Ellroy, and a selection of detective novels, including a collection of beautifully leather-bound editions of Ed McBain novels, a perfect first anniversary gift for any lover of crime and mystery fiction. We also feature work by Dennis Wheatley, a prolific thriller writer between 1930 and 1960, and one of the best-selling authors at the time. His work is thought to have inspired Ian Fleming’s James Bond stories, and we also have several first editions of Berkeley Grey’s detective series The Norman Conquest Novels. These novels are ideal paper gifts for the first anniversary for couple that prefer a bit of excitement and anticipation, and as all of them are first editions, they are an interesting collectors item that can remind you of your first anniversary for years to come.

      For paper wedding anniversary gifts for literature lovers, we also have a couple of poetry anthologies by renowned Irish poet Seamus Heaney. Additionally, the collection also includes work by poets such as Philip Larkin and Dylan Thomas, all of whom are celebrated poets from the last century. Any of these wonderful anthologies would make interesting and unique paper anniversary gifts, as well as a cherished collectable item which has stood the test of time.

      As well as this, we also feature some titles which would make more unusual first wedding anniversary gifts, such as lesser-known work by renowned authors including D.H. Lawrence, a celebrated modernist author best known for the controversy of the censorship trials which surrounded much of his work. We feature a limited edition copy of his translation of The Story of Doctor Manente, by Florentine author Antonio Francesco Grazzini. Other literary work in the collection includes that of Beatrice Kean Seymour, who was praised for her portrayal of domestic life, as well as her awareness of the social and political backdrop against which her work was set. Recently, they have been praised for their alertness to the role of women in society. These would certainly make an intriguing and unusual first wedding anniversary gift idea.

      In addition to the older more established classics, there is also a selection of more modern books that would make excellent wedding anniversary gift ideas for those lovers of reading who enjoy something more contemporary. Among the collection are a first edition of Christopher Paolini’s fantasy epic Brisingr, and limited collector’s editions of Charlie Higson’s imaginative Young Bond series.

      For art lovers, we also have illustrated books as well as fiction, such as a number of books by celebrated illustrator Ralph Steadman, known for his political and social caricatures, cartoons and picture books, which would make excellent paper gifts for a husband or wife. Art books in particular make excellent paper anniversary gifts as they are visually stunning and unique, and can be enjoyed time and time again by couples.

      This is just a small sample of the selection of books that would make excellent paper anniversary gift ideas for any couple. As well as these, we also have extensive collections of books in a wide variety of genres, made with high quality paper, and all incredibly unique. If you are looking for more specific paper gifts for a first anniversary, try our other collections, which vary from art, to nature, children’s books to crime, and fantasy. For more luxury paper anniversary gifts, try the private press or Folio Society, which focus specifically on using high quality paper to make unique and special books.