Over recent years Leslie Gerry has been a frequent visitor to Manhattan, especially in winter and spends at least a couple of days walking the streets, whatever the weather, taking in city life. New Yorkers with their dogs, every shape and form, hold a particular fascination. They do love their dogs, which seem so well behaved, and quite social, unlike some country dogs in England!. But it is that synergy between dog and owner Leslie Gerry finds so engaging. The body language, the fashion, particularly in winter. Also the interaction between owners and between the dogs themselves. If you ever feel lonely in a city, get a dog - you are guaranteed to make friends.

      Edition of 150 copies, 29cm x 22 cm. 56 pages and 24 colour plates, printed digitally onto a mould-made paper with archival inks. Cloth bound in a red cloth covered slipcase.

      Signed limited edition Giclee art prints are also available.

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