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Burton, Miles

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Bones in the Brickfield


The ORIGINAL, hand-painted and SIGNED dustwrapper artwork for the Collins Crime Club title, Bones in the Brickfield. The book, by Miles Burton, was later to be published in 1958. This piece is hand-painted in red and black with white and yellow lettering on card. Crime Club motifs have been mounted on. The piece measures 20cm by 15cm.This in turn has been mounted on a light white board. The colours on the actual jacket are different to those painted here - the red background on the hand painted original was replaced with a blue background and all the lettering was in yellow. The margins of the white board include pencilled instructions to the printer, with further instructions and details on a pink slip pasted to the back. This piece has been SIGNED by the artist, William Randell.

The piece is in excellent, unfaded condition. The white board is gently soiled.


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