Larkin, Philip - Handwritten letter

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A two-sided handwritten letter by Philip Larkin. Written to the musicologist and critic, Donald Mitchell and addressed to his wife, Kathleen. From Hull, dated 7 December 1963 and signed Philip. Clean, single sheet folded once. The text of the letter reads : Dear Kath, Thank you for your wonderful hospitality on Tuesday night. I did so enjoy seeing you and Donald, and it was a splendid surprise meeting Eric and his wife, and Peter du S. Thank you again. Somewhere in that delightful room where I slept is a grubby brush & comb. They are mine ! Honestly, I don't know what to suggest you should do with them - put them on one side until I can collect them. Perhaps Donald will tell you why we leave things behind according to Dr Freud : no doubt you know anyway. Peter writes to say that Queenie Leavis is suddenly championing Poor Monkey - for Penguins, with a new title. I expect one's just read it ! Yours ever, Philip.

Condition: Fine.

Written: 1963

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